Internet Safety: How to Monitor Your Kids’ Use of the Internet

Setting up surveillance cameras is too much, not to mention ineffective, if you want to monitor your kids’ activity on the internet. What you need are the right tools and processes to ensure that your kids’ internet experience is enjoyable and most of all, safe.

There is no better way to monitor your kids than by sitting with them while they use the internet. This way, you are assured that you know the sites they visit and the things they do online.

It is also important to keep the internet-connected computer to open area of your house so that you can easily see what they are doing online. Having said that, an internet-connected computer inside their room should be avoided since you can’t monitor them if they go online in the middle of the night.

But you can’t sit with them or guard their every move online so there are ways to prevent your kids from accessing websites that aren’t right for their age.

For younger kids particularly those at the age of 2 to 10 years old, it is highly recommended to download or purchase online web browsers for kids. Specially-made browsers for kids have pre-approved websites that kids can access. These browsers also filter websites which may contain inappropriate information for your kids. Other cool features of kids’ browser are fun, colorful, and easy to use interface, safe, educational, and kids-friendly environment.

For pre-teens and teenagers who won’t enjoy the kids-browser, one way to monitor their activity by reviewing the website history. If they aren’t clever enough, they won’t know how to erase it. If you find websites that are inappropriate for them, block them by adding them to Windows’ “Hosts” file so that the next time they try to access these pages, they will be blocked. Or, to protect the entry of the unwanted sites from your computer beforehand, setup an internet filtering software such as Cyber Snoop, ChildLock, AOL Parental Controls, BSafe Online, FilterPark, McAfee Internet Security Suite, Net Mop, and more.

It is also encouraged that you, as parents, should teach your children the right way of using the internet. Direct them to good websites about sexuality and health, and not pornography.

Setting up hardware like router with internet filtering capability is another way to prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate websites.

Remember that hardware and software should act only as aids and not replacements to your physical guidance.

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